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Gochujang – Fat Burning Hot Pepper Paste

One key ingredient to many of the Korean dishes you’ll find on this site is gochujang – a spicy, fermented soybean paste that has become increasingly more popular here in the States. In fact, I was shocked when during a recent trip to Food Lion (a grocery chain here in North Carolina), I saw a bottle of gochujang! This is great because there’s no substitute you can use to match its flavor.  Continue Reading…


Pekmez – A Sweet Anatolian Elixir

An all-natural sweetener used in the Anatolian region for centuries, pekmez is a molasses traditionally made from grapes, but is also made from fig, mulberry, dates, carob, juniper berries and other fruits. While it is a natural source of sugar for cooking or direct consumption, it is also known for its health benefits in boosting energy and for treating multiple other ailments. Continue Reading…


Which Asian Noodles Are Healthiest?

My favorite food is any bowl of spicy noodles in a simmering broth. My mom always cooks a variation of this every time I visit her. It’s not always the best meal choice for my weight, so it’s not something that I eat every day. However, just how bad it is depends on the noodle and how it’s prepared. 

By and large, Asian noodles are often healthier because they are lower in calories and carbs and are typically served with a lot of vegetables. Continue Reading…


Kiwifruit: Gut Health & DNA Repair

The beautiful, vibrant kiwifruit is a nutrient powerhouse in a small, delicious package. 

Fun Facts: Kiwifruit is also called Chinese gooseberry. It  was first discovered in China, where it grew in the wild and was primarily used for medicinal use. Later, it made its way to New Zealand where it received its name in honor of the country’s national bird.  It didn’t come to the U.S until 1959! Continue Reading…


Eat Yogurt For These Health Benefits

Weight control? Yep. Stronger bones? You got it. Lowered risk of heart disease? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

Yogurt is enjoyed around the world, and was actually invented by accident sometime around 5,000 BC when milk was improperly stored in a warm climate. When they realized it tasted so good and was satiating, they kept making it. Continue Reading…